Have you serviced your transmission lately?

Transmission service is very often overlooked when doing preventive maintenance on your vehicle and is probably one of the most important services to keep up on. It does not need to be done as often as an engine oil change but should be checked and serviced on a regular basis. The cost of rebuilding a transmission has gone up significantly as well as the failure rate. Performing a regular check of the fluid and doing the proper maintenance can help extend the life of these newer transmissions.

Can’t find the transmission dipstick?    On many vehicles today, their is not a dipstick to check your fluid, making it difficult for you or your local mechanic to do so. They can be checked but often require to put the vehicle on a lift and many require a scanner to be hooked up to monitor the transmission temperature while checking the fluid. Give us a call today to set an appointment to have your fluid checked.

They told me my transmission is not serviceable or sealed.  We get a lot of calls saying that they have be told that their transmission is sealed and can not be serviced.  Almost every transmission can be serviced, some transmissions have internal filters that can not be accessed without tearing down the complete transmission but the fluid can still be changed. Most transmission fluids break down at about 60,000 miles and even earlier as they get close or over 100,0000 miles. Thus making it important to have it changed to help avoid costly repairs.

Cvt and Dual Clutch transmission service?  You have probably heard of a CVT transmission by now. They are very commonly used in most cars today and got very popular with Nissan, Toyota, Subaru and Honda around 2012. These are a belt driven transmission and good clean fluid is very important in helping them get the most miles out of them. Dual Clutch Transmissions are not as common but also require good maintenance to get the most miles out of them . Both of these transmissions take special fluids.

Should i service my transmission to try and fix a problem?  We do not recommend servicing your transmission if you are experiencing any problems with it. Always have it checked first. Servicing a transmission that is having problems already could make the problems worse and will rarely fix the problem with todays’ transmissions. In the old days you could sometimes adjust bands or make other adjustments to correct several issues but this is not the case with the electronic transmissions today. It is best to take your vehicle to someone that can test drive and diagnose the problem before servicing it.

CTT Transmissions located in Modesto California services most transmissions. We offer everything from just checking the fluid to a transmission flush or complete transmission service. We are equipped to service, repair and diagnose most vehicles.

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