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Amazing job!

These guys did an amazing job with diagnosing and solving my transmission issue that we THOUGHT was previously repaired at another shop.Great customer service and they did the job not only correctly but fast too!!! ( Thank you Justin)Won't take my vehicles to any other transmission shop again!!! Will definitely be sending people this way.                    Originally posted on Yelp

Outstanding reliable service

Outstanding reliable service. I am a fleet manager and I use CTT for all of our transmission issues. I generally don't trust other mechanics or shops to do work, but Ray and his crew constantly show me why they are the only shop I will ever need. The work they perform is always clean and looks better than factory. Every nut, bolt, safety pin, harness etc is always put back to oem. It's reassuring to know I can trust them and they do a far better job then the dealership. They also constantly fix little things that were messed up or done wrong previously. Thank you CTT!!!!                 Originally posted on yelp

Customer service is 10 for me

This shop and it's management. Customer service is 10 for me. My Jeep tranny was like mince meat and manager Ray was outstanding. He from the beginning explained everything to me. He even went further in showing me the damage that was there. When the job was done they even sent someone to fetch me. My Jeep runs great. Thank you.Originally posted on yelp 1/14/18

Great work Great People

I live 120 miles away from this shop. That said, I have no problem driving that far because these people are worth it! Great workmanship, and friendly staff. If you want it done right the first time by someone who stands by their work, go to these people. Awesome!

Entire staff is awesome!!!

My husband and I had the transmission for our 2005 Yukon fixed at this shop and Ray and the entire staff here were so awesome! They really worked with us on scheduling the repair and also extending the length of time that we had to keep our Yukon at their shop. Now our Yukon is in excellent running condition and we have an excellent warranty on the work, as well. If you need transmission service or repair, definitely go see these guys. You'll be happy you did.T Dreamer, Modesto   ---originally posted on yelp 10/27/17

Diagnosed & fixed the problem quickly

Turlock Chrysler Jeep Dodge couldn't figure out the problem with a Dodge Dakota. All they wanted to do was replace parts until the problem was fixed. Clutch & Transmission Technicians was able to diagnose and fix the problem quickly. And for less money than the dealer wanted just to try and fix it.Originally posted on google

The Best, Honest Service

I had my daughter take her 2009 GTI to CTT after another shop told her she NEEDED a new transmission because her gears were slipping between 2nd 3rd. We got a second opinion from a shop that deals with transmissions everyday. CTT said, "appears to shift through all gears as it should at this time." There was a issue with her motor mounts... which they referred her to a shop that deals with motors for foreign cars. Justin really took care of her explained everything easily to her and reassured me... my daughter was taken care of. I will recommend anyone with clutch and transmissions issues to go to CTT for the best HONEST service.- Antenette,Originally posted on yelp

Worth the Drive?

Worth the Drive?byJ. Scott LymanGiven the dependency we all have on the private automobile (and I being an inveterate hot-rodder since my youth), knowing a good mechanic is kinda crucial. If just knowing a good mechanic wasn’t enough, when it gets to hot rods, things get really challenging. Why? Because hot rod builders are a special breed and the good ones are really hard to find and wannabes abound. However, even among the standard auto repair guys, like primary care physicians, you often have to be referred to a specialist. This is a story about a referral to a specialist.My primary care mechanic, whom I’ve patronized for more close to 30 years, is a ten (10). Talented, insightful, honest and available. That’s David Toriumi in Watsonville. If you have repairs that need to be made David is the go to guy. But David, like many general auto repair shops will refer if you need radiator work or exhaust work (that would be Lincoln Radiator in Watsonville) or some other specialty work like automatic transmissions. So I needed a referral for some work on my 700 R4 in my Camaro (see photos), and David sent me to an automatic transmission shop in Scotts Valley that shall remain unnamed. Without going into detail, after spending several hundred dollars for literally nothing, I was compelled to look elsewhere.Where I ended up was Modesto. More specifically at CTT Transmissions on Oakdale Rd. Again sticking with the short story, these guys were the bright side of the moon compared to the Scotts Valley guys. The owner of CTT introduced himself and took a history. He treated me like a valued customer. He then made a preliminary diagnosis and assigned the proper technician to the job. BTW, he also dropped me off and picked me up at my hotel. The tech made a definitive diagnosis and address the malady in the most efficient and economical way possible. “Yea, we could have spent more time and maybe taken it up to 95% of optimal, but we got it to 85% to 90% for a whole lot less money, but if you want us to go the extra mile and dollars, we’re happy to do that.”So for half the price I got double the value by driving out to Modesto and having the work done by people with a strong work ethic and pride in what they do. Then, of all things, week or so later, I get a call from CTT asking me if everything is okay with my transmission.Who the hell are these guys? They actually take customer service and value for your dollar seriously? Yea, CTT Transmission Service on Oakdale Rd. in Modesto. Worth the drive...for sure. The owner of the shop in Scotts Valley treated me like I was invisible and then when I complained about the service they argued with me that they did what they charged me for. It reminded me of the adage, “who you gonna believe, your loving wife or your lyin eyes.”

Friendly, well Priced

Came in with a bad clutch cable and worn clutch. CTT not only put in performance parts i purchased, but kept my car longer because they seen unsafe problems with my car. They fixed all the missing bolts and things for no charge... these guys are awesome friendly and well priced!! Would recommend to anyone!Originally posted on Yelp

Bam! Pretty Impressive

I had a great experience! I initially took my car to a dealership and was quoted $2500 MINIMUM so I called and had them take a look. Justin and Ray were extremely helpful and very thorough with my car and took so many extra steps to ensure they did the work right but not waste my money. I really appreciate how they handled themselves and how they kept communication with me through the entire process, as a woman, I appreciate that!! They did their research and ended up getting me out the door at $500 and the problem wasn't even what the dealership thought!Bam! I'd say that's pretty impressive and I'm so thankful for them and their ability to do an amazing job!!Originally posted on yelp

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