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Common transmission shudder problem on Ford Focus and Fiesta

Ford focus, Fiesta shudder problem.


If you own a Ford Focus or Fiesta from 2011-2014 with a dual clutch transmission, (DCT) and are experiencing a shudder while taking off.

It is very common for the front seal in the transmission to fail causing fluid to get on the dual clutch and cause a chatter.

If you are experiencing this issue. Call your local Ford Dealer service department and give them the VIN number. The warranty on many of them have been extended and are covered to 7 years or 100,000 miles.

If you are out of the warranty we repair them here. Give us a call at 209 551-4050.

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Nissan CVT Transmission

Clutch & Transmission Technicians is your CVT Transmission head quarters.

Give us a call for all of your Constant Velosity Transmsission needs.

We now have a new line for Nissan  CVT Transmissions. They come with a  3 year or 500,000 mile warranty compared to the dealer 1 year warranty.

This is a huge new addition do to the fact of how often we are seeing them fail and at early miles.

The Nissan Altima with the CVT Transmission and the Nissan Rogue with the CVT Transmission are the most common cvt transmissions that we see.

We also see a fair number of the Sentra, Murano and Versa Cvts.

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I can’t find the transmission dipstick on my vehicle?

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One of our top calls from customers. I can not find my transmission dipstick to check my fluid.

In the past, almost all vehicles had a dipstick to check the transmission fluid. In todays’ vehicles, it is more often that they do not have a dipstick to check the fluid. In most cases, the vehicle will need to be put on a lift to check it and may also require a scanner to check the transmissions fluid temperature to compare readings or check level. Some people say that they were told that it can not be checked or it is sealed. This is not true in most cases and should be checked on a regular basis. It is best to take it to a transmission shop to make sure it is done correctly. We service cvt transmissions, dual clutch transmissions and most  sealed transmissions. We are your Modesto transmission service specialists.


Give us a call today and we can set up an appointment to have your transmission fluid checked.

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One of several newer types of fluid fill and check ports.

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Services we offer

We are a full service transmission shop, everything from quick service to a heavy duty transmission rebuild.

We can keep your transmission working properly with a complete transmission flush and full transmission service.

Clutch & Transmission Technicians can diagnose your transmission problem, whether it be a small problem or a complex electrical problem.

Transmission repair is our specialty and we can do anything from a quick repair to a complete rebuild with any updates that are available to keep your transmission working at it best.

Performance transmissions is a field that we excel in. We have a clean up to date shop that can accommodate your hot rod or diesel truck and get the maximum performance you are looking for.

Differential repair and rebuild is another one of our fields of expertise. We do everything from bearing replacement to gear swaps and limited slip additions.

Transfer case problems. No problem, we have you covered there also. We repair and rebuild most types.

Stop by or give us a call with all of your drive train needs.

Foreign, Domestic and European vehicles are welcome.

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Transmission Service, Flush and Maintenance

Have you serviced your transmission lately?

Transmission service is very often overlooked when doing preventive maintenance on your vehicle and is probably one of the most important services to keep up on. It does not need to be done as often as an engine oil change but should be checked and serviced on a regular basis. The cost of rebuilding a transmission has gone up significantly as well as the failure rate. Performing a regular check of the fluid and doing the proper maintenance can help extend the life of these newer transmissions.

Can’t find the transmission dipstick?    On many vehicles today, their is not a dipstick to check your fluid, making it difficult for you or your local mechanic to do so. They can be checked but often require to put the vehicle on a lift and many require a scanner to be hooked up to monitor the transmission temperature while checking the fluid. Give us a call today to set an appointment to have your fluid checked.

They told me my transmission is not serviceable or sealed.  We get a lot of calls saying that they have be told that their transmission is sealed and can not be serviced.  Almost every transmission can be serviced, some transmissions have internal filters that can not be accessed without tearing down the complete transmission but the fluid can still be changed. Most transmission fluids break down at about 60,000 miles and even earlier as they get close or over 100,0000 miles. Thus making it important to have it changed to help avoid costly repairs.

Cvt and Dual Clutch transmission service?  You have probably heard of a CVT transmission by now. They are very commonly used in most cars today and got very popular with Nissan, Toyota, Subaru and Honda around 2012. These are a belt driven transmission and good clean fluid is very important in helping them get the most miles out of them. Dual Clutch Transmissions are not as common but also require good maintenance to get the most miles out of them . Both of these transmissions take special fluids.

Should i service my transmission to try and fix a problem?  We do not recommend servicing your transmission if you are experiencing any problems with it. Always have it checked first. Servicing a transmission that is having problems already could make the problems worse and will rarely fix the problem with todays’ transmissions. In the old days you could sometimes adjust bands or make other adjustments to correct several issues but this is not the case with the electronic transmissions today. It is best to take your vehicle to someone that can test drive and diagnose the problem before servicing it.

CTT Transmissions located in Modesto California services most transmissions. We offer everything from just checking the fluid to a transmission flush or complete transmission service. We are equipped to service, repair and diagnose most vehicles.

Clutch & Transmission Technicians Inc.

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Clutch & Transmission Technicians Modesto Transmission shop

We are celebrating our 26th year serving Modesto and surrounding areas and would like to thank the community for the years of trust in us.

Specializing in transmissions for your domestic, import and  custom vehicles. Our technicians can also help you with any clutch, transfer case and differential repairs. We have a state of the art shop combined with top technicians to get your vehicle back on the road quickly and keep it out there. We work on Chevy Ford and Dodge cars, suvs, and trucks, as well as the imports. We also service and repair BMW, Mercedes and Volvo. We have added 6 additional bays to help with our growing number of customers and fleet accounts and give the same great service as we did when we opened years ago. Alot has changed in the automotive industry since opening and we strive to keep up with these changes through attending several seminars, keeping up with the latest diagnostic tools and technical information. In many cases we can make your transmission work better and last longer than the original.

We are one of the few shops that still perform a complete transmission service. Most places are just flushing the fluid out and not changing the filter. You would not change the engine oil without changing the filter, nor should you with your transmission when it is accessible. We service them like we would are own.Performing a test drive and scan of the vehicle, removing the pan and cleaning, replacing the filter and flushing the system as well as any re calibration needed. Ask for the ultimate transmission service and give your car the proper care it needs.

CTT is proud to be your # 1 Modesto Transmission Shop. We look forward to serving you in the years to come and helping keep your vehicles on the road.

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