Your Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) Specialist
Clutch & Transmission Technicians is your CVT, transmission specialist in Modesto, CA.  This type of transmission is also known as Continuously Variable Transmission, also known as Shiftless Transmission, also known as Constant Velocity Transmission, also known as Single Speed Transmission, also known as Stepless Transmission, also known as Pulley Transmission.  This type of transmission can change gears seamlessly, you really don't feel the shift of the gear as you are accelerating.  

Is the CVT transmission better than other automatic transmissions?  The CVT transmission has better control of the engine speed and will produce fewer emissions.  The feel and driving experience of the CVT transmission is very different because you do not feel the shifting of the gear like a traditional transmission. 

Many auto manufacturers are moving to the CVT transmission, some notable car manufacturers are, Nissan Sentra, Nissan Altima, Nissan Rogue, Honda and Subaru.  

If your car or truck has a CVT transmission Clutch & Transmission Technicians is your transmission repair specialist.  

The CVT Transmission is here to stay, most vehicles are using them now because of their ability to get better gas mileage. How ever, we are seeing many of them fail at low mileage and they can be expensive.

We recommend changing the fluid on a regular basis to help get maximum life.

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