Automatic Transmission Repair
Automatic Transmission Service
We offer everything from quick repairs to long term rebuilds.
With factory transmissions failing at a lower mileage, we research the latest updates to build a stronger
transmission that will give you years of worry-free transportation and back it with a great warranty.
What may seem like a major transmission failure, may be as simple as a sensor or solenoid that has failed.
This is why it is 
important to have it diagnosed with a shop that has the right equipment and knowledge,
gained from experience 
and technical training, to diagnose your transmission problems properly.
Rebuild Transmissions: This is a good option when a quick fix is not available and you are looking to keep the vehicle for a longer time. We offer a basic rebuild and also a rebuild with updates to make the transmission last longer and perform better.

HD Transmissions: We also specialize in heavy duty and performance transmissions. We can build a transmission to suit your needs. Whether it is a diesel truck that you need beefed up for towing or a classic car that you are restoring. Visit our Performance or HD Diesel pages.
Quick fixes: Sometimes a solenoid or simple part failing can seem like a major problem and end up being a quick fix.
Used transmissions: This may be a good option if you just need to get a little more time out of your vehicle at an affordable price.
We offer a 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty on parts and labor. We have access to many used transmissions. This is not the best
way if you are looking for a long term fix, but sometimes is an option when you just started that job and need transportation now at
​an affordable price.
What is the difference between a basic service and a complete flush?
On a basic service the pan is removed and the filter is cleaned or replaced. Most transmissions only allow you to change about 4-5 quarts of fluid with this method, they hold about 12-14 quarts. With a flushing machine, we are able to change all of the oil.

How often should I service my transmission?
Check your owners manual for service intervals. We recommend every year or 12,000 miles with overdrive transmissions or sooner if vehicle is used for heavy towing.

Should the filter be changed when servicing the transmission?
Yes, most flushing machines flush through the cooler lines and the pan is not removed to change the filter. We remove the pan and change or clean the filter with our machine. “You wouldn't change your engine oil without your filter, nor should you with your transmission”